Impressive Dive Spots

Mangrove Point
A gorgeous reef with a lot of different corals and lots of small fishes. There is a slight current which is perfect for a nice drift dive along the beautiful small bommies and table corals. This spot is even interesting for snorkelers and easy to reach on foot or by scooter.

Starting at 6 meters, this lovely reef of beautiful soft corals and thriving hard corals gives you clouds of anthias as well as scorpion fish, moray eels, trumpet fish, puffers, and giant trevallies. At around 10 meters, as you drift with the current, you will see bommies with a lot of sweetlips and schools of fish including jackfish and batfish.

Crystal Bay
A shallow reef with lots of corals at about 15 to 20 meters that slopes down. There is a great chance to see the Mola Mola here at several cleaning stations. The visibility is good but the water can be quite cold. During my dives, the temperature dropped down to 18 degrees Celsius.

Manta Point
There are two spots called Manta Point. Both are only about 12 to 15 meters deep. One is a favorite feeding spot because of the high amount of plankton, but the visibility is poor. The other more southern spot is a cleaning station. Usually you can spot the Manta rays from the boat before entering the water.

Some Coral Impressions


Can you spot the octopus between the corals?

A scorpion fish on a Cabbage Leather Coral

A scorpion fish between Staghorn corals (Acropora dendrum)

Other beauties

A beautiful spotfin lionfish between corals

I am not sure, but this is a kind of map puffer

A green sea turtle flying by and posing for a nice picture

I nearly missed the shy bamboo shark rushing along the coral canyon

Just a second ago the blue-spotted stingray was hidden in the sand

A lucky shot of an approaching giant sunfish or Mola Mola

The spots on the torso are like fingerprints and used to identify each individual Mola Mola

A huge manta ray circling a coral block looking for the cleaners

A manta ray on its way back into the blue

Manta Encounter

I used again my contour roam action cam with the underwater camera case. It is a very tiny video camera without a control monitor. Turn it on and it records until you switch it off. I use a velcro strap to tighten the camera to my arm and here is the result.
This video is about 1 minute long and available for download in MP4 (17MB) and WebM (20MB) format.
Please have a look at the end of the page for hints on playing the videos.


Mola Mola Encounter

This video is about 2 minutes long and available for download in MP4 (size 29MB) and WebM (22MB) format.

Depending on the browser the inline player has some issues in sending the correct version of the video. In such a case, please download the video file and play it with your favorite video player. The mp4 files have a slightly better quality than the files in webm format.