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Hi, my name is Martin - I hope you enjoyed my travel narrations and the photographs I took at several locations. All pictures are only slightly adjusted to get the image I had in mind. In the past, I did photo-shootings at weddings, anniversaries, for business portfolios or special photo-workshops. But most of the time, I only want to "catch that magic moment".

To earn my living, I work in the information technology industry. My specialties are network design and security related jobs. If you are familiar with terms like switch, router, wide-area network, QoS, load balancing, redundancy and fail-over planning, firewall, intrusion detection, mobile code analysis, mobile device security, corporate policy design, datacenter operation - just to name a few - you will considerably have a good picture of what I am doing. I have been in this business for over 30 years and managed a lot of different complex projects. My first computer encounter started with programming an AIM, a small single PCB computer from Rockwell. It had only a hexadecimal keyboard and a single line onboard display. I had my first Apple computer in the late 70s, and worked with different Unix, Linux and Windows systems up to now. I am still devoted to computer technology, staying current with the technological development.

From time to time, I love to do extraordinary things like scuba diving in rivers, lakes, cavern, caves or in the oceans with sharks and other beautiful exotic underwater creatures - as you can see in my travel narrations and photographs. I am a certified rescue diver and I have been scuba diving for more than 20 years. In addition to scuba diving, I absolutely enjoyed Indian and western style horseback riding. I would recommend all horse lovers to give these two forms of horseback riding a try.
In Florida, I had my first sky dive. It was in the late afternoon right in time for the sunset. To jump out of an airplane in 4500 meters is ass kicking. I remembered being suspended in the air just watching the deep golden light of the sunset. That overwhelming feeling encouraged me to get a sky dive license and I can only say that it was a real dazzling experience.


Martin Müller-Draheim
Moosburger Strasse 20
85456 Wartenberg

e-mail: info@mm-d.net

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